Learn something, keep your customer service inhouse

I have seen since quite a long time that many customer intensive companies outsources their helpdesk and customer service function.

The probably the single most stupid decision a business can do is to outsource customer service and helpdesk… in my former post I said that all senior management should at least spend a day per year in the customer facing line of the business. That definitely goes for customer service!

Here you will immediately see the impact of your decisions: product changes, new launches, it-tools and all other things that are dreamt up in another part of the company.

The key persons who should be forced to sit in customer service is: CEO, CTO, Biz Dev Mgr, Marketing Mgr, Sales Mgr, User interface designers in particular, Credit Mgr…  I do not need to explain further I think

The customer service teams are usually treated like mushrooms and the they do get all the crap and have very little appreciation from anywhere… Their knowledge however is gold plated to use since they are the one that face the customer every single day… Treat them with the respect they should have and make them feel valuable, they are and they bust their butts managing the mess the rest of the company load on their customers.


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