Information management – Competitive Edge

Over the years we have been flooded with data from all possible sources not only the traditional media and marketing analysis set-up. Now we need to add the Social Media which is an interesting part since it actually bring real live comments about you as a company, the products&services or on a personal level…

How do we get this data to make sense since it is not a consistent and coherent information. It is in different currencies all of it. Traditional analysis on target audiences are still the key method but how do you value a possible contact in TV compared to a click-through on a banner… That is still subjected to the mind of every marketeer and analyst.

The bigger database you feed all info to, the more complex it get to understand but with a set of variables you possibly can get trend data that is useful, brand data that consists of more than numbers, attributes set to it.

Visualize it and you might be able to get the Executive/Board Level to understand it better…

Very easy said but harder to do… But I have seen systems that are basically set up to manage complex projects and organisational set ups that would be absolutely fab to tweak a bit and then all marketeers would have a great tool to understand the data and the company and it’s products&services… Check out Inrigo from Ortelius and you might get an idea of what I am talking about…


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