On being relevant in social media – or plain relevant…

There is a lot of good advice in different fora on the internet and MyNewsDesk together with Mashable has a good sponsorship on PR as for an example.

Mashable and TheNextWeb have a lot of good writers and are linking to many good resources on the net.

So what can I offer that no one else have not already stated… Well probably not much but as for the latest post in Digital Tonto on great ideas all good ideas are usually peer-and-time related.

Relevance is still the name of the game and it is not really confined to the realm of social media.

To be Relevant is the single most important thing for a business to focus on… the problem is who you are to be relevant to… Here is where the mayhem begins for many companies and their marketing departments… The owners and shareholders demand constant growth and maximizing market share… that will make you less relevant to a larger number of potential customers or partners…

It is impossible to be relevant to everyone but finding the core customers, followers and people who like you are of utmost importance for a successful business… and of course you need to convert those followers and likers to customers…

How can you be relevant? I have seen many different approaches and most of them are good ones.

This is my take on the subject in short bullets:

  • Know your business and try to understand your customer, no difference if you are a B2B or a B2C – Knowing your customer mean frequent interaction through a diversity of channels both in person or with good research
  • Share and invite – Share your developments, ideas and knowledge and invite your customer/fan-base to bring their ideas and competence to you and make use of it for real, and yes it includes marketing initiatives! – Open Source!!!
  • Use all means necessary to share and learn: blogs, events, customer meetings, twitter, facebook, mobile, newsletters, customer service department… but see to that you listen to the responses that you get through the channels and dedicate enough resources to manage it.
  • Set objectives that are measurable when it comes to customer engagement, conversions and knowledge about your company… and of course in the end measure the fiscal result! But do not manage it on a quarterly basis… you need a longterm objective with adjustment points say every six months… you do not get results that fast because this is brand value!
  • Make sure that top management knows how to make use of this way of working otherwise it will never fly… the key problem with owners and management is money… always money…
  • Do not use this as a PR-stunt… but I guess you already figured that one out…
I dare any FMCG to try to use this approach… B2B are half on the way since they have to involve customers in development more and more today…

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