On management & recruiting – make sure you curate them to grow past you

At my very mature age of 42… 😀 I concluded that I have worked more than half my life and by this seen quite a lot of managers and been both recruited and have recruited.

Few of my takes on recruiting

  • Look for someone who have enough ambition to want to succeed but have enough humility to understand that it is a team sport
  • Do not be afraid to hire out of your own personal comfort zone… very common…
  • If some one has more qualification than needed… do not discard them, they may have a very good reason for applying for the position
  • Figure out where you want your department to be in 3-5 yrs and recruit from that perspective… you cannot take on the world with rookies only…
  • If you use a recruitment company, be very specific in your briefing… been to quite a few interviews… well I do not really know what the customer is looking for – Thanks for wasting my time and effort
Few of my takes on management
  • As a manager it is your job take make sure that your team have all the necessary tools and skills to deliver
  •  Make sure that you help them clear the path if needed
  • Micro management is always wrong… or you have hired very poorly
  • Make sure it is your personal objective to curate your team to grow beyond you if possible
  • Hire with diversity – young, old, male, female, different ethnical backgrounds – you will win and the dynamics will be better
  • Do not use management-by-fear or mushroom-management… IT DOES NOT DELIVER RESULTS ANY BETTER…
Well that is about my rantings but this is what I have found true after 23 yrs in marketing, project management, communication, IT and telecom…

One thought on “On management & recruiting – make sure you curate them to grow past you

  1. Hi
    Although I am no longer managing, I still like reading articles such as this. I feel you are a passionate people manager and I second your takes on management.

    All the best, Sir.

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