Mini Cars or how to kill a hot brand!!!

BMW have spent some serious money on hyping, launching, hyping and building the Mini brand in Sweden over a number of years now, with great success!

Alot of advertising, media and marketing people drive a Mini and it really was a great example of how to do it… Great marketing and pr work!

PR was fab, product placement and promotion, advertising and digital/social media good, mobile and games… everything really planned and executed close to state of the art… and I am not easily impressed nowadays…

Until a month or so ago… where suddenly out of the blue, Mini cars became one of the prizes in the Swedish “Postkodlotteriet” a lottery that is nation-wide and about as un-cool as anything could possibly be… they usually had Volvo or Volkswagen or similar brands as their prize car… but now… the have Minis… a hundred Minis to be specific…

I could not possibly think of anything worse for the coolness of the brand until I read the latest ad from Mini… Now you can get your car delivered by Thorsten Flinck…

Thorsten Flinck is the rebel actor/director that burned out on drugs and alcohol together with another  Swedish actor Mikael Persbrandt…

Now I just wonder… What the hell went wrong in the boardroom at Mini-business in Sweden… Have they decided to commit collective un-cool Seppuku or did they just decide to just let the brand die and be a generic car company…

Anyones guess…


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