Abusing the word Disruptive!

I hate the word Disruptive right now… it makes my throat tickle to a level where retching is very real…

Everything today is disruptive… there are even week-long conferences on disruptive… and just search for an example TechCrunch on disruptive and you get an abundance of the word for every kind of hardware, software, services or just plain ideas.

Few article are truly any good and most ideas are not disruptive… The best article I have read lately is from Fast Company where disruptive thinking is discussed in a reasonable fashion. There is sentence that shows what disruptive is regarding a cellphone and battery life… what if we need no battery at all…

Most things are not disruptive, merely a good thinking and true business development in an arena that has gone stale. Key players that have settled down in their fiefdoms and feel very satisfied with themselves.

In my book disruptive is serious game changers… steam engine, electricity, telephone (both fixed and mobile), radio, television, the internet itself, nuclear power, GPS etc… things that transform a whole society or large business sectors.

AirBnB is not disruptive neither is Craigslist or Facebook… really… they deliver new good development on earlier ideas that move things forward. Google and Yahoo were disruptive in the form that it was made simple to find information in a whole new way on a global scale.

NFC and Square are more disruptive than verified by Visa as they provide a totally new way of manage payment for business. Square specifically for small businesses/enterprises that cannot afford or get a credit card reader.

What kind of disruptive things would I personally like to see then… Spray-on clothing that forms to a shirt or pants would be nice, self-correcting glasses, Cars that do not need fossil fuel (that includes electrical cars yes).

In my world a new website for finding a place to stay on holiday is not disruptive not even if it is unsettling a few travel agencies and local websites…


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