Versus what???

I have never really liked the word versus… especially in marketing and communication!

Always, in virtually any discussion, regarding either objectives, target audiences or especially, type of communication and media it is always versus something…

PR vs Advertising, Reach vs Frequency, Social media vs TV, Facebook vs Twitter, Display Ads vs SEO, TV vs Print, Outdoor vs Tabloids, 30 sec spot vs 60 sec, Marketing vs Sales, Quantitative vs Qualitative research… can do this forever!

Highly annoying when talking to even bright and savvy people and you get stuck in these kind of discussions

But the thing is that nothing can really stand alone, you go in there figure out your needs, set the objectives and criteria and then you add the things you need to do to meet those objectives.

I have been participating in launches of everything from Ecological Tea to Telecom Systems and one thing that is a take away from EVERY launch is that launching with only advertising is a serious waste of money… as David Ogilvy said, I know that 50% of my spending are a waste of money but I cannot tell which… I can tell… that is the launch of a new concept or product that is not a laundry detergent or similar simple… it is the first 50% of your investment that goes to just get some form of awareness and understanding…

This is where PR come into play in a very serious way… and when I say PR it can be Blogs, Traditional PR, Viral Campaigns, Events… when you have done this and started to build understanding for what you are trying to tell… then advertising kicks in…

NO versus here…


1 thought on “Versus what???

  1. Excellent point! You are spot on when you point out that in reality you go in and figure the needs, set the objectives and criteria and then add whatever is needed to meet the objectives.

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