Be honest do good shit!

Since my newest source of inspiration are discussions on twitter paired with horrendous advertising on the TV, I have a new subject that ties in to my earlier posts about how to do good marketing,  research and general customer understanding. This one I dedicate to a discussion with @heidiupdate and a few more sources of inspiration like @motvals and @dreadnallen…

The title of this post comes from Joakim Jardenberg (@jocke), who I link to in the blogroll, and it is his motto… It can be applied to many different areas in life and business but in Marketing it really really should be contemplated every day.

There is a long-standing statement in marketing that you can create a need for a product or service and that is true and it is being done every day in many different forms and shapes.

Rhetoric, Marketing and PR are immensely powerful and you as a professional should always have a moment of contemplation, Am I honest, do I do good shit? Because at times you do bad shit… Hitlers speech writers, Nike/Converse plants in south-east asia as for an example or more on a common arena a lot of  product development the marketing communication and promotion.

I have been part of launching a very large number of products and services in the past 20+ years of my career and it is a precious few that I can look back and say, they are good shit, bringing something good to the market and the persons that we are aiming to get buying it… Änglamark Ecological Tea that gave the tea farmers a possibility to make a decent living, 3G telephony that gave new possibilities for among deaf people to make video calls enabling sign language among some, Junibacken a   center in Stockholm based on Astrid Lindgrens and all other children writers. Those are things that I am proud of being involved in …

Launching a new formula of shampoo or a diet soda extra special is not really something good, it is not being honest and do good shit… Yes you can argue that someone must do it and yes it is making a living and you cannot be too proud, I know, been there, will be there again but I will always dedicate a part of my time to something that is being honest and do good shit, doing it pro bono!

In Sweden we now have a couple of examples that I will call not being honest, doing bad shit for an example a new chewing gum named Vigo that in three different formula claim that you will be more efficient, better endurance and better looking… Preposterous as one would think, they might get away with it out of a technical perspective based on the formulas. While reading into it you need to consume 4 chewing gums within 2 hours to reap the benefit of either the caffeine and ginseng. Beauty is based on vitamins that you either get out of your daily intake of food or food supplements if you are in need of them.

To develop a chewing gum and claim what they claim it brings is to play on people’s worries or lack of knowledge and charge good money… This bad shit, not being honest… this is what sully the advertising and marketing trade in the eyes of the rest of the world!

This is just one little example on when you do stuff that is soulless, detached and based on profit… The big one is Nike/Converse with their trade practice to produce their shoes in countries where there are rampant neglect for worker/human rights like Indonesia… That is seriously bad shit…

Make a ton of money, sell excellent product or just what people want but be honest and do good shit along the way… it is possible!


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