Me and my Cargobike – How to make people smile in an urban environment

I have a confession to make, I do not own a car and have not done so for about 2 years now… I seldom need one and when I do, I can go rent one or get a cab…  Well I live downtown Malmö smack in the middle so to say and parking is about as valuable as gold.

Earlier I had a company car based on the fact that I drove approx 40.000 km per year for work, so I did not really felt like to be sitting in a car while not working… I got notice 2009 that I would loose my job and decided that I do not really have a need for a car and bought a Cargobike to transport the kids to the beach, playground or just for an excursion and last but not least the weekly shopping for groceries…

It looks like this in general

and like this while fully loaded ;D

or like this with kids in it

Out of an environmental perspective I am a truly good citizen and I never drive to shop or transport things that weighs below 80kg or 120x200cm in size… and if used by many more people here in Malmö I am pretty sure it will make us meet the CO2-emisson demands for the future ;D and we will be way more fit with less cases of obesity, bad legs and backs… 😀

If you look at it I have saved a serious amount of carbon dioxide from our precious environment and gotten some serious exercising along the last 2 years due to the fact that 2 kids and 15 m/s wind in the front of the box is challenging I can tell you…

It is a fabulous way to see your city and great to transport tired kids… or as above a bed that I got from @achaido for free if I transported it out of his apartment… He was a bit taken aback when I came by bike to fetch a 120x200cm bed… and quite a lot of people went staring at me while loading it… Which leads me to a the amusement part of the blog…

This bike and my kids have been in front of a tremendous amount of cameras the last 2 years… tourist tend to see us as a very curious element of the odd swedish traditions and just last week I got stopped by a group of 10 Italians here in Malmö that wanted to know all about the bike, why I choose such an odd bike and then we just heard tschik tschik tschik from both their cameras and 4 couples from Japan that also asked questions about it…

Or when local Evening Tabloid stopped us at the beach and wanted to take pictures of us in it… Very often I get stopped on town by locals also that are curious about it, how it works, why, how expensive etc and I have sent many prospective buyers to the shop I bought it in… and it is getting more common here in Malmö now… but back in 2009 it was rare and everyone was staring at us…

In a marketing perspective it is a great tool since it still draws attention and the last month I have seen a ecological dog food store use one of these bikes as a promotion vehicle for the their natural/ecological food. This do make good sense since a bike is by definition an example of clean air, exercise, healthy living. The bike trend is catching on here in Malmö since our municipality owned parking garage operator lends bikes to people who choose to park their cars instead of driving around in the city. Many hotels lend bikes to their guests and Malmö is a great town to ride a bike in… large enough to host many different stores and restaurants and small enough that you can ride a bike anywhere in 20 minutes.

So if you want to be  a good world citizen that like the outdoor and to keep it nice and clean for coming generations… follow my lead ;D


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