The perfect hire or make up of a CV and Cover Letter

A question from my favourite source of ideas, Twitter and @enfdbarslyna (Martin) asked me and some other people what is the perfect CV and how should a CV stand out.

I am in no form an expert in this area but I have been on both sides… unemployed and currently now employing quite a crowd of people.

My approach for future hiring and how to present one self is to be extremely clear and concise in how you present your key competences and your passions that would bring and extra edge to the company your are applying to.

A few tips on how to make you CV attractive that have worked for me and and others I have helped or employed:

  • Use Spell Check!.
  • A clear and clean Structure above all, no disturbing backgrounds, no funny typefaces as a general rule.
  • Start with a SHORT summary of your key strengths and what your objectives and passions are
  • Work experiencies – former employments or volountary work with short and clear responsibilities and achievements
  • Education – short and sweet about what school and subjects you have studied and specific grade papers or specials you have done that are relevant to the job
  • A brief summary of what you do outside the work area and your passions in the personal life. It is good to know that there is passion for something that brings energy to the working day!
  • If possible a short presentation of yourself as film so you can present your voice and personality in another form than the written.

    This can seem pretty boring as of todays digital world but when you as a recrutier face 100-200 applications that are all very “creative” you really fast grow tired of them…

    There are of course always deviations to the rule and there are recruitment agencies like NextU that break new grounds with video recruitment that is working really good.

    Sad to say most recruitment companies are very traditional and most HR-departments are equally so…

    The employer branding effort is still mostly a layer taped on the traditional processes and not a true re-think of how you recruit and retain the team that will build your future successes.